• Knuckle Pull Scale

    Knuckle Pull Scale

    Knuckle Pull Scale A pull scale is helpful in setting up the shims on a knuckle. By increasing the shims above and below the knuckle the knuckle becomes tighter. When installing new knuckle bearings we recommend checking the shims with a pull scale...

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  • 54mm Axle Socket

    54mm Axle Socket

    54mm Spindle Socket Our 54mm sockets are designed for servicing Toyota front axle wheel bearings. We know you don't carry a 3/4" drive ratchet in your tool bag so we made these sockets fit right onto your 3/8" ratchet with no additional adapters needed...

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  • Tire Plug Kit

    Tire Plug Kit

    Tire Plug Kit Great for fixing tires quickly on the trail. Kit includes heavy duty T-handle insert tool, heavy duty rasp, 25 8" long plug strips, lubrication, 2 replacement tool ends and handy storage case. You have seen this same kit priced elsewhere...

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